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"My metabolism just stalled. No matter which weight reduction plan I was on including exercising...nothing was working. Being very frustrated with no results, pre-diabetic and hypertensive, I wanted to get my life back. I found it comforting to know and that it would be medically safe working under the guidance of Dr. Reilly. Enough already... I took a leap of faith and tried the HCG Program. 

Before HCG

  80 Pounds Later

incredible results started to happen. Because of the tremendous weight loss, I no longer needed to be on prescription medications for my borderline diabetes and high blood pressure. Readings were finally in the normal range. Wow, that was great!!!! I have lost 81 pounds so far and 46 1/2 inches of fat, not muscle! I feel great. My skin texture is tight and smooth. Life is too short not be healthy. So, I ask you...what are you waiting for?"

About the HCG 40 Day Weight Loss Program

The original HCG Protocol was started in Italy by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. It became a highly successful rapid weight loss program that burns fat and not muscle utilizing daily HCG hormone injections in the belly. Our 40 day program is very safe and effective for two reasons. 1) You will be under the guidance of Dr. Reilly and nutritionist, Donna Ichikawa. 2) Prescription HCG sublingual tablets or nasal spray is used instead of belly injections. HCG is our most successful weight loss program.

The average weight loss is between 20 - 30 lbs in 40 days, or a minimum of 21 days for those who have less weight to lose. The HCG weight loss can be done repeatedly until your goal weight is achieved. The 3 - 8 week reset phase in between HCG protocols includes a transitional diet plan with homeopathic "Reset" drops and nutritional supplements so you don't gain the weight back and metabolically gets to the source of what originally caused the weight gain - insulin resistance, without harmful chemicals that rev up your metabolism and exacerbates metabolic syndrome, not correct it. A customized program will be created on your second visit to prevent or to bring existing medical conditions back into balance.

Other than walking, yoga, or pilates, rigorous exercise is not allowed during the program since the diet of 500 calories per day cannot support the stress of building muscle. Despite the light exercise, you will burn fat and not muscle, primarily in the hips & thighs.... those hard to lose places. The most common complaint about the HCG program is not hunger but surprisingly dry skin due to low fat consumption.

HCG Program Advantages:

1) Sets the stage for healthy eating habits for future lifestyle changes to maintain the weight loss.

2) Your stomach will shrink while the HCG negates hunger pains without hormone injections in the belly.

3) The rapid weight loss of 20 - 30 pounds is highly motivating.

4) Teaches cause and effect of weight loss/gain ie. the importance of frequent meals, portion control and commitment to a plan.

5) No saggy, baggy skin despite the rapid weight loss.

6) Ordinary foods like seafood, meat protein, fruits, and vegetables are consumed.

7) The diet is dairy free and can easily be done gluten free or vegetarian.

8) Daily tracking of urine ketone levels prevent ketoacidosis, a major concern on a low calorie. This simple, easy, self monitoring system ensures you are in a safe, fat burning zone at all times.

9) Detoxification, minerals and B-12 supplements are included, all are integral to weight loss and maintenance.

10) Office visits are covered by PPO insurance. The HCG Product Kit is not covered by insurance. If you don't have PPO insurance, a cash paying option is available.

11) Continued monitoring, support and guidance of a medical doctor and nutritionist throughout the 40 day program is included.

12) Transitional protocol and a low glycemic or gluten free diet is provided for weight maintenance.

13) Recommendations for vitamins and supplements to promote continued fat burning momentum are also provided during your transitional visit.


1) Dry skin due to the low oil consumption.

2) Oil based sun tan lotion, make-up, creams, or body lotions cannot be used during the 40 day protocol. Mineral powders or water based make-up and sun tan lotions are OK.

3) Mild exercise like a leisurely walk, yoga, or pilates are allowed. Strength training, running or aerobic exercise is not recommended.

Cook Book Links 

The Product Kit includes a 14 day menu plan but no recipes. The following cook books have simple ideas to use herbs and spices to flavor your food instead of the unhealthy sugar, fat and salt. Avoid use of milk, liquid smoke, and boulion cube soup.

1) "The HCG Diet Cookbook" by Tammy Skye (no photographs with recipes, includes additional information)

2) "101 Worry Free HCG Diet Recipes" by Leanne Mennemeier & Linda Prinster (include photographs, recipes only)