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Holistic and Family Practice Medicine

Healthcare for the 21st Century


Michael Reilly M.D.

When he began private practice, Dr. Reilly became progressively more skeptical of the view that pharmaceutical-based medicine alone would result in optimal health. This conclusion led him to open "Holistic and Family Practice Medicine" in Fox River Grove. After attending Rush Medical College in Chicago and working with chronically ill patients perpetually in and out of in hospitals, he vowed to craft a broader perspective on health care—becoming board certified in both family and holistic medicine. His practice specializes in holistic treatment of disease, including obesity, diabetes, GERD, hypertension, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer, auto-immune and digestive disorders, mental illness, bio-identical hormone balancing, and other conditions, using dietary recommendations based on the latest research to achieve balanced health naturally while prescribing minimal pharmaceutical medication. He also incorporates the services of a chiropractor and nutritionist into his practice. 

"Our goal is to put patients in control of their overall health, and in doing so help prevent and even treat the cause of disease, rather than simply suppressing symptoms with medication,” Reilly says.

Dr. Michael Reilly received his medical education from Rush Presbyterian St. Luke's in Chicago, IL. He is board certified in family practice and holistic medicine, and is a full diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is a staff physician at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL.