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Holistic and Family Practice Medicine

Healthcare for the 21st Century

 Dr. Reilly's Music and Children's Books

A thread of creativity runs through the life of Dr. Michael Reilly, M.D.

Ever since Dr. Reilly was a boy growing up in the Chicago suburbs, he has been drawing pictures and making up melodies. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t have a tune drifting through his fertile imagination. Over the decades, Michael has had to “turn down the volume of the music” in his head so that he could focus on other things, such as writing a comic strip, or playing football, or studying to become a physician.

This ever-present music has been the interior soundtrack to his life. For Michael, this music is intertwined with the impulse to share his creative expressions with the world.

Michael has worn many hats over the course of his colorful life. He has been an athlete, a cartoonist, a country musician, a composer of classical music, a physician, a business owner, and now, a children’s book author. Today, Michael is primarily known as a highly regarded holistic doctor with a family practice in Fox River Grove, Illinois. But he is also a fresh new voice in the world of children’s literature. 

He began writing children books after the birth of his son, Andre Miguel, in 2003. In his first book, Monster Sandwich, a boy named Lewis invites the monster under his bed for a late-night snack. Reilly’s newly released Fly Baby is about a baby who can fly and tries to see above and beyond the skeptics he encounters as he develops his gift.

A professional drummer and singer-songwriter before becoming a physician, Reilly wrote and recorded “Voices” with a 50-piece orchestra in 1998. It’s soothing, uplifting symphonic pieces are featured regularly on Chicago's major Classical Radio station WNIB (97.1 FM). To hear or purchase "Voices" click here.

"Voices" - Produced and Composed by Dr. Michael Reilly

Michael Reilly's "Voices" CD brings a new dimension of brilliance to classical music with airy, lighthearted and uplifting pieces including a surprise from the Emerald Isle. “Voices” rings out with a richness and fullness that both inspires and humbles a magnificent blend of warm, original, live symphonic orchestration and playful melodies sure to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

"Monster Sandwich" Written by Dr. Michael Reilly

"Monster Sandwich" is based on a Jeckle and Hyde concept that brings out the monster within. We all have a dark side that needs to be fed, a primitive self that feeds on fear. Lewis, the main character, literally devours his fears in a desperate attempt to satiate himself. “Monster Sandwich” is deliciously funny, slightly grotesque, and brimming with vibrant, mouth watering illustrations sure to satiate your inner child’s hunger. Now you can entertain both kids and parents by making your own monster sandwich come alive in your very own house read after read……….

"Fly Baby" Written by Dr. Michael Reilly

"Fly Baby" is a wonderful secular story that evokes the human spiritual journey with sentimental overtones. Surround yourself and your children with love from family members, friends, and those who have flown into the great beyond. Take off with “Fly Baby” and enjoy over 100 tenderly illustrated pages that will entertain and delight night after night in a beautifully crafted and wonderfully warm story of the very essence that makes our lives and our souls soar above the confines of gravity.